Sam's M98
Tippmann Model 98 (stripped body paint, polished body screws)
Flatline barrel kit (polished tip, screws, adaptor, and custom made "quick strip" mod)
J&J performance 14" silver barrel
J&J Edge Barrel Kit, 5 backs 3 fronts
Y2K drop forward (stripped and polished with scope mount and universal fill adaptor, stripped and polished)
ANS chrome Gen X-2 regulator
GTA Low pressure kit with polished LPC
45ci, 3000psi CA tank
Hyperstar Bolt
VL 12V with X-Board.
Ballistic Sports EM98 kit (polished external parts)
polished internals and slight trigger mods
Chrome Sight Rail (courtesy of m98person)
Clear Dye Stickies (not in pic)
Custom quick strip modification for easy access to the bolt (not in pic)
plus barrel condom

not to mention lots and lots of love- I protect this thing with my life
dont be fooled, the BS EM98 kit is not another sear tripping electro-grip -- it is a true electro pneumatic operation, with the solenoid running the hammer and bolt.  check out for more info on the EM98 kit- great stuff.

*NEW JAN '06.  So, i dug out my gun and let her fire a few hundred rounds for the first time in like 1.5 years.  still works like a charm.  i did a new mod too.  I cut both revievers directly in front of the power tube.  then put wing nuts on them 3 bolts.  You may be asking my why... the answer is simple Sherlock- quick strip.  ball breaks in the field now can be cleaned- the bolt and inside of chamber included- in less than a minute.  Pretty spiffy stuff
M98 Current Specs:
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